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Utilise Thadeus.AI API & Thadeus Dashboard natural language processing (NLP) features to build your custom AI products.Check it out!

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Our main goal behind creating THADEUS.AI was to build a custom tool, that we will be able to use in different projects that require analysis and understanding of natural language. Thus, beside our services related to AI-development, machine-learning, big data, we would like to offer you our open Thadeus API and Thadeus Dashboard to manage your instances for free.

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Use our dev team to build your custom solution!

Quick prototyping2-3 weeks

Solid and reusable MVP3-4 months



We are small a start-up based in Krakow, Poland with huge experience in builds applications that use AI tech, big data and machine learning. The market trends and numerous limitations of available tools pushed us into building our own NLP product - ThadeusAI. And here we are!

Our goal it not to build a better, more complex tool than Google or IBM already have, but to create a product that can be well-fitted to number of unique business cases. As a team, we wanted to have the full control over projects we develop. We would not agree to cut corners and give up the freedom our own software offers. Thanks to that, Thadeus is agile and can be utilised in many different scenarios.

Thadeus is our dream job.

It is really our dream job. While working on Thadeus, we are constantly improving our other tools and services, which are then incorporated into custom AIs, dedicated machine learning tools, big data systems or chatbots.

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